Athens Eco Fund

We believe in Athens as a “destination city” where tourists choose to stay in Athens and its surrounding Attica region for a vacation rather than treat the city as a mere transient stop-over to the islands.

Athens’ wealth of ingredients – history, antiquities, culture, proximity to the sea, climate, superb food and wine – enable the city and the Attica region to be a destination city. As a specialty travel tour operator, we contribute to the emergence of Athens and the Attica region as a world-class destination city by offering a rich and broad array of innovative tours that give visitors an intimate, authentic Grecophile experience in an eco friendly manner.

As part of our company’s mission, we are creating a not-for-profit organization called Athens Eco Fund. The Fund’s purpose is to organize and support activities which further the sovereignty of the natural element, advocate sustainability and raise awareness among the local residents and foreign visitors to support actions and attitudes that encourage the making of Athens into a major metropolitan green environment.

The intention is to donate monies raised by the Fund to community organizations whose activities make a positive contribution to and advancement of Athens/Attica’s environmental and cultural sustainability. A wealth of grassroots projects merit our support, including groups involved in activities such as:

  • Beach clean-up
  • Tree planting
  • Rebuilding foot and donkey paths (kalderimi)
  • Maintaining seed banks for first seeds
  • Women’s cooperatives
  • Preservation of neo-classical buildings
  • Sanctuaries for wounded animals
  • Protection of endangered or at risk species, like caretta caretta turtles
  • Recording the oral histories of our elders

The revenues to sustain Eco Athens Fund come from a percentage of the profits our company earns through EcoAthens’ tours. Additional revenue sources include donations, sponsors and EU funding.

The Fund regards “in kind” services as a source of revenue. This means volunteers who join in with others to help a given project, and through the sweat of their brow their contribution is every bit as valuable as a donor.   On certain EcoAthens tours, clients are offered an opportunity to participate in an eco-friendly event or project during the tour, and almost always, the task is fun on a meaningful and rewarding level.